Tired of the escalating prices at the grocery store? How would you like to shop directly from US biggest grocery chains like Walmart with NO MARKUP!!

Use our U.S shipping address: 10226 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32825

Lets compare your local grocery shopping to ours

  • Cost estimate

    $200 covers everything

    *SuperBox (40x28x32)




    *Tracking Alerts

  • Team up!

    Share the cost: Team up with co-workers, friends, family to build your barrel. Split the cost of shipping.

  • Build a barrel for any occasion!

    Having a wedding, baby, party or other event? Build your barrel with no hassle....We got you!!

  • 3 Easy Steps

    Step 1: Shop

    Step 2: Pay

    Step 3: We pack, and ship to you!

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